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Business Area of Operation

We are engaged in the business area of Industrial Automation and Controls, which is a field directly connected with the manufacturing sector of the economy. All manufacturing and process plants of the present and the future are and would be automated as a result of the fast growing trends in globalization. Further, due to the increasing trend of shifting the manufacturing bases and of installing the Greenfield plants by major multinational corporations to the Asian region, numerous opportunities in the Industrial Automation and Controls area are seen to be arising. The increased and consistent infrastructure building policies undertaken by our past and present govemments and the increasing trends in consumer spending is expected to fuel the growth of the industrial manufacturing sector in the immediate near and long term.
All the above factors make the future of the Industrial Automation and Controls business look very bright

Business Information

Automation Product Trading viz AC Drive, Soft Starter, Servo Drives, HMI
Automation Solutions
Application Identification
Application Engineering
Feasibility Analysis
Energy Audits and Energy Conservation
Basic Engineering
System Design and Detail Engineering
Setup, Configuration and Programming
Application Software Development
Installation and Commissioning
Performance Guarantee
After Sales Service and Maintenance Contacting   .


AC Drive
Soft Starters
PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
Energy Meters
SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supplies)
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

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